Friday, 6 March 2015

A Few Hours in the Woods

Today I decided to head out into the woods and see who was around on the CB , it is 10.52 and a little windy so I put up a tarp that I could sit under when having some Bugout Coffee, Great taste by the way.

There seemed to be quite a few EU stations on air so I tried to contact one or two of them.

The first DX contact was Willkie 9870 in the ferry terminal lorry park in Dunkirk he was pushing a 4 and was audible and clear, but within minutes some clever sod with a burner literally wiped me out and the contact was lost.

Next was GTX1 2 in Dordrecht pushing 3 to 4 and mostly readable too and then as is quite often the case all EU stations vanished and it went quiet.

Time for a brew and then time to pack up and head back home.

A great few hours on a sunny spring day.

Monday, 6 October 2014

CB Radio

A CB radio or (citizens band) radio is the perfect medium range communications tool. The CB radio frequencies are limited to a few miles and are limited even further by buildings, tress, mountains and all obstacles.
CB radios can obtain ranges up to 150 miles, sometimes more. CB’s operate on a different frequency than traditional consumer radios which allows them to obtain these extended ranges and makes them a preferable communications tools.
Here in the UK once you have bought your complete kit there are no other costs involved, that means no license, no registration and it is absolutely free to use.
Types of CB Radios
There are basically two types of CB radios; portable ones or stationary ones. The portable CB has a much smaller range due to a small antenna but operates wonderfully with a nearby Base station which has a long range.
Many people buy a base station for use in the car since it has complete functionality and can be used with the antenna on their car or a separate antenna at home.
Some people believe that CB radios are limited to 50-300 miles, they are wrong. Although it’s technically illegal (in the US and UK) many users choose to shoot their radio signals up into the ionosphere, which during heavy sunspot activity can reach areas across the world.
Since shooting skip relies on the radiation from the sun, if there is limited sun spot activity it may not be possible to shoot skip at all. Likewise long periods of sun activity make it possible to talk to places around the world for long periods of time.
The only exception to this is during mid-summer when there is erratic sunspot activity, which is highly unpredictable.
An example of long range contact would be two weeks ago when I was talking to a Guy in Valencia Spain while driving between Harrogate and Ripon on the A61.

The Citizen's Band Radio is a way drivers for to communicate with each other. The rules used to be much stricter than they are today in terms of radio usage. It's too bad the rules aren't still enforced as they once were, because a great many people abuse the airwaves playing music of using foul language.
I doubt that you'd want your child in the vehicle if you had the CB turned to Channel 19. (This is the calling channel and is also favoured by lorry drivers, by the way. 
The CB radio is full of slang terms that don’t make much sense at first. Your best bet is to just listen for a while - before ever saying a word.
If you try to use "CB slang" right away, without really understanding how drivers make the words fit together, you’re may end up feeling foolish. Check out my page on CB radio slang. 
Please remember Respect & Courtesy...
There may be thousands of people listening to every word you say.
Those people could be children.
You’re not supposed to swear on the CB radio, but people often do. Please don’t be one of them!
There are families listening who are often shocked by what they hear. Please don’t make the industry reputation worse by telling tasteless, dirty jokes, swearing, etc. on the radio!! If you really must, go to a channel other than 19!
A lot of scams begin on the CB radio. That call for assistance may not be what is appears to be. The new television that someone is trying to sell on the CB may be a new television (probably stolen) or a box with a rock in it!! Be careful about what you believe!
There are many great uses for a CB radio...
Yes you can get localised road report up and down the UK and of course on BBC Radio2. But these reports are one-way, with a CB you can get real time information and helpful advice from the drivers in front of you.
Accidents, you will find that drivers in front of you will announce over the CB the location of any accidents or traffic jam locations
Directions - if you find yourself lost, you can often get directions on the CB radio.
The CB can help you stay awake. If you can find someone to talk to that you have some things in common with, the miles fly by amazingly fast.